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 located in South Denver-Centennial

 At Bodywork Therapies, you will experience a blend of Neuromuscular Massage techniques, Therapeutic Bodywork,  Deep Tissue and Acupressure in your session. This blend has proven effective in relieving stress, headaches, muscle tension and pain while improving flexibility, stamina and performance.

Bodywork Therapies endorses the ‘Whole-Athlete Model’ in which the client is viewed as a complex physical, mental, emotional and social being. Thus, a change in any part of the system affects the person as a whole.

Regular massage therapy helps minimize negative performance factors such as dysfunctional muscle and connective tissue, restricted range of motion, low energy, staleness, pain, and anxiety.

Each treatment is customized to address your specific concerns and needs. We will provide you with pain management techniques you can do at home. These include strengthening exercises, stretching and the use of hot/cold packs.

Our Centennial location offers flexible scheduling online or by phone to better serve you. Take a look around our website where you can read a blog, book an appointment and submit a testimonial.

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